Catering & Banquets

John’s Pizzeria is also able to offer you great prices and great food for any event you may have, such as open houses, birthday parties, showers, ect. We offer party sized antipastos, lasagna, spaghetti, chicken or mostaccioli, (baked or regular) and breadsticks, just ask our friendly staff, we’d be happy to help!


Party Sized Pans

Antipasto Salad. Full Pan 50.00, Half Pan 20.00

House Salad. Full pan 35.00, Half Pan 15.00

Mostaccioli. Full Pan 60.00 (70.00 Baked with Cheese) Half Pan 30.00 (35.00 Baked with Cheese)

Lasagna. Full Pan 80.00, Half Pan 35.00

Alfredo (Fettuccini or Mostaccioli) Full Pan 65.00, Half Pan 35.00. *Add Chicken +20.00/Full, +10.00/Half
*Baked Italian Seasoned Chicken. 60 pieces of Baked Chicken Breasts seasoned to perfection. Full Pan 75.00. 30 Piece Half Pan 38.00.

Bread Sticks. Order as many as you like, only 75 cents a piece.

Sliced Italian Bread 5.00/ loaf

Home Made Meat Balls 1.25/each

Full Pans generally feed 20-25, Half Pans feed 8-10 people. All Prices are + 6% Michigan Sales Tax

Banquet Buffets

PIZZA BUFFET $11.25 per person

Includes our hearth baked Pizza (2 item), Garden Salad (with our house Italian and Ranch), homemade Bread sticks, pop and coffee.

PASTA BUFFET $11.25 per person

Includes Mostaccioli with one choice of our delicious homemade sauces including meat sauce or marinara, Garden Salad (with our house Italian and Ranch), Sliced Italian Bread with butter, pop and coffee.

LASAGNA BUFFET $13.00 per person

Includes our homemade Lasagna made with tasty layers of lasagna noodles, homemade meatsauce and mozzarella cheese, Garden Salad (with our house Italian and Ranch), Sliced Italian Bread and butter, pop and coffee.

BAKED CHICKEN BUFFET $14.95 per person

Includes Baked Chicken  breast seasoned with our special Italian seasoning, with roasted red potatoes and a vegetable. Garden Salad (with our house Italian and Ranch), Bread Rolls and butter, pop and coffee.


Add Pizza, Pasta or Lasagna Buffet to any other buffet for $2.00 per person

Add homemade meatballs .95₵ per person Add Baked Mozzarella Cheese .50₵ per person Upgrade to Antipasto Salad .50₵ per person

Upgrade to Breadsticks .50₵ per person

Add an extra Salad Dressing .25₵ per person

(kids 10 and under- 25% off adult prices, under 4 free)
minimum number of guests is 30 adults, .06% sales tax and 18% gratuity will be added to total bill